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Reputation Risk + Public Affairs

Corporate positioning on public affairs has become an increasingly important aspect of corporate reputation. Now, more than ever, executives’ political views, activism and community engagement are under a microscope. This can contribute to the overall risk posed to a business, but if managed correctly, can also be beneficial to a brand.

A strong reputation, clear messaging, strategic engagement with stakeholders, community influencers, media and direct ongoing communication with civic entities are critical to a successful public affairs campaign. Allison+Partners’ team of public affairs experts would help design this campaign from the ground up.

Allison+Partners prides itself on helping clients leverage their existing strengths to better address public affairs issues and perceptions. We offer public affairs services that focus on advocacy, coalition building, polling and research for issues like gun control and diversity, thought leadership on topics like climate change, and monitoring ongoing political issues that could affect the supply chain or reputation. This range allows us to tailor a public affairs strategy to your needs, ensuring a targeted strategy that drives success

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Barbara Laidlaw 
Global Reputation Risk + Public Affairs